Friday, August 1, 2008

WSTK-ITV - Video of The Month of August

To All My You Tube Friends, Family of Faith and Fellow Bloggers:

Hey, how Y'all doing? I just want to encourage all of Y'all to keep coming with those encouraging words. As it testifies to the love of Jesus moving through His Body in this lost and dying world. We are in this world but not of it.

I believe as I am typing this salutation, the Lord is leading me to do video of the month. Those video's honored will reflect the mission, vision and christian values of WSTK-ITV in Seekin the Kingdom, for the acronym of our station is "Seek the Kingdom Internet Christian Television Broadcasting Network, Worldwide.

So without further adieux WSTK-ITV would like to extend this wonderful honor to Charlene Rice of Southern California. Charlene Rice, a renowned christian artist from Southern California, vision for ministry is painting the good news of Jesus Christ! Congratulations, Charlene for your God given talent!

Blessings To You Always!
Rev/Dr. Shirley Canniff - WSTK-ITVGeneral Manager

Sunday, June 1, 2008

WSTK-ITV-Bobby Conners & Patricia King Speaks On Discerning "The Florida Outpouring"

Welcome to WSTK-ITV Inspirational Video Playlist of the Week.

Each week the staff here at WSTK-ITV will host an inspirational video playlist of the week. These video's will range from christian docu-drama's, to what's new on the missionary fields of the world.

Many times when viewers visit WSTK-ITV Broadcasting Network at WSCIRO the You Tube Channel, it is not always straight forward as to what they will encounter. The Staff here at WSTK-ITV will like to extend a warm invitation to come be blessed and be ye transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. There will be a monthly ITV guide provided to you by the WSTK-ITV staff that will further direct you to the times and dates of each playlist. WSTK-ITV reserves the right to change the ITV guide at random depending on the topic.

We will begin this blog post with the questions posted below: What is a move of God and what does it look like? Is this generation too far gone to welcome such a move of God?

Many people these days have been offering differing opinions regarding the Florida Outpouring whether it from the God Himself or the devil. Join Bobby Conners and Patricia King of Extreme Prophetic as they teach about discerning the things of the Holy Spirit in relation to the Florida Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida.

Move of God What is it and what does it look like? Watch the Soaking Playlist & Come Into God's Presence

Is it possible to have a move of God in this generation? View the video playlist and tell me what you think. Keep the comments uplifting!